Adult Martial Arts Classes in Boise, ID

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Receive a $29 New Member Special that includes 4 weeks of classes and a Taekwondo uniform!

Our adult martial arts classes in Boise are an excellent alternative to your everyday gym workout. No two classes are alike. At each session, you will learn new techniques and continue to refine your martial arts skills. Our high energy instructors will lead you through a thorough stretching routine, body weight and core specific drills, and cardio drills that incorporate traditional martial arts techniques.

Learning Taekwondo means that you will be learning a traditional art form. Taekwondo offers numerous physical benefits, but the traditional values of martial arts are heavily emphasized at our school – the values of integrity, respect, discipline, and character.

Learning self defense will give you confidence and peace of mind. You will learn practical methods to escape from a variety of grabs, holds, and strikes. You will increase your speed, reflexes, and timing from numerous drills that will physically and mentally condition you to react quickly and instinctively in any dangerous situation.

  • Increased physical fitness
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Stress relief and stress management
  • More confidence
  • Better focus throughout the day
  • Effective Self-Defense

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Get a $29 New Member Special including 4 Weeks of Classes and a Taekwondo uniform!