Increase confidence in all areas of your life.


Sharpen your focus while properly channeling your energy.


Learn to persevere through challenges, one step at a time.


Build respect towards yourself and others.

Self Defense

Develop the skill set and mindset to protect yourself and loved ones.


Engage in a new activity that is both fun and rewarding.

Little Tigers

4 and 5 year old preschoolers and kindergarteners burn energy, build listening skills, and gain greater focus and self-control.

Kids Martial Arts

Children gain focus, self-confidence, discipline, and respect while learning Taekwondo in a fun, active setting.

Adult Martial Arts

Teens and adults improve their physical fitness, relieve stress, and develop self-defense skills in a positive, encouraging environment.

Family Martial Arts

Families can train together in a fun activity everyone can participate in and enjoy.

Martial Arts in the Boise, ID Area

We are proud to have internationally-certified master instructors, a supportive and passionate community, and a safe training environment where kids and parents can enjoy learning Taekwondo together! Our goal is to positively touch the lives of as many people as we can through the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. We know from experience that Taekwondo helps students of all ages. At Master Kim’s Taekwondo Boise, we are dedicated to helping students build character and valuable life skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Birthday Parties

Have a birthday party jam-packed with fun activities and a Taekwondo class with your friends, fully organized and supervised by our black belt staff.

Summer Camps and Special Events

Master Kim’s Taekwondo offers fun and educational summer camps, anti-bully workshops, self-defense seminars, and so much more for kids and families in the Boise area.

Look what our students and families have to say!

“Master Kim has been beyond instrumental in the development of my child’s character, work ethic, discipline, and mental and emotional health. She has benefited from world-class talent and mentorship while training with Master Kim and Master Bae, and I feel so fortunate to have these influences in my child’s life.”

Rachel S.

“Master Kim’s TKD has not only helped my son learn to control his body but also his mind. After 5 years of training I can say with pride that my 10 year old son is a patient, kind, humble, disciplined and a strong human being, and he will never give up even if he is faced with great challenges. I highly recommend Master Kim’s TKD!”

Reshmi M.

“My son has been involved in Taekwondo for over 5 years. He has gained tremendous physical skills such as strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Even more importantly are the life skills and attributes that Taekwondo has instilled in him.”

Jacquie B.

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