Little Tigers

Preschool and Kindergarten Martial Arts Classes in Boise, ID

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    Gross Motor Skills

Receive a $29 New Member Special that includes 4 weeks of classes and a Taekwondo uniform!

Boise parents want to prepare their children for the future while giving them the exercise and mental stimulation they need today. Master Kim’s Taekwondo is proud to offer the Little Tigers program, our Taekwondo class geared specifically towards 4 and 5 year olds. We provide preschoolers and kindergarteners with:

  • Age specific, goal-oriented curriculum
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Patient, Encouraging Instructors
  • A structured, but fun learning environment

A child’s first extracurricular activity sets the tone for their involvement down the road. You want an activity that’s valuable but also fun and rewarding! Little Tigers accomplishes both through the traditional philosophy of Taekwondo:

  • Mental: Taekwondo builds listening skills and focus, and increased attention span
  • Physical: Taekwondo teaches gross motor control and coordination
  • Social: Taekwondo teaches respect and positive interaction with peers of the same age.
  • Emotional: Taekwondo teaches patience and self-control.

When it comes to preparing your child for the demands of Pre-K, Kindergarten and beyond, the martial arts are unmatched. Here’s why Boise parents choose Master Kim’s Taekwondo for their future students:

  • Structured Activity: Get your child accustomed to the expectations and dynamics of a classroom.
  • Self-Esteem: Give your child a taste of hard work and accomplishment that will boost their confidence.
  • Mentorship: Introduce your child to what a teacher should be – kind, patient, and understanding.

Our Little Tigers classes are held weekdays Monday through Friday after school hours and on Saturdays. We offer a flexible class schedule where students can attend any two classes out of the week without being locked into the same days/times.

Look what our students and families have to say!

“We can’t thank Master Kim enough! The skills, discipline, and values our daughter shows every day is a direct reflection of the time and energy Master Kim and his team provide. She has learned the importance of hard work, to respect others, and to push herself farther than she ever thought possible.”

Kelly B.

“My son has had the privilege of being able to take classes from Master Kim for several years and he has grown in more areas than just taekwondo, he has been inspired and motivated mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

Sky P.

“Master Kim and Master Bae are excellent TKD instructors! Their dedication to their students is second to none. They have a positive way of motivating students and a keen sense of each individual student’s strengths and limitations.”

Jade and Jen S.

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Get a $29 New Member Special including 4 Weeks of Classes and a Taekwondo uniform!