Kids Martial Arts

Elementary School Martial Arts Classes Ages 6-12 in Boise, ID

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Receive a $29 New Member Special that includes 4 weeks of classes and a Taekwondo uniform!

Learning Taekwondo will help develop your child with the necessary skills to succeed in every area of their life. Our Kids Martial Arts classes offer a flexible schedule with more than 40 classes per week divided by age and experience level (belt level). Join us in Boise today and provide your child with the best opportunity to thrive.

Kids today are challenged with the temptation to spend long periods of time in front of a digital screen. This can lead to inactivity and decreased physical fitness. Taekwondo is a fun way to stay active and to improve overall athletic skills including:

  • Strength and Balance
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Full Body Coordination
  • Lifelong Habits of Physical Activity

Bullies will normally seek out kids whose posture, voice tone, self confidence levels make them an easy target. Taekwondo will help your child learn to carry themselves assertively, speak up for themselves and resist intimidation and peer pressure.

Parents and teachers notice the positive impact Taekwondo has on a student’s success in school. Taekwondo kids will gain the self-discipline to be more efficient with homework, learn to block out distractions to stay on task, and a longer attention span that will help them learn any topic.

Taekwondo is taught and learned in an environment of respect and courtesy. While Taekwondo is fun, exciting, and rewarding, it isn’t always easy. Kids will learn to gradually increase their effort and constantly be challenged as they move up into the higher belts. This process will teach your child the perseverance it takes to achieve their goals in every area of their life.

Look what our students and families have to say!

“Master Kim has been beyond instrumental in the development of my child’s character, work ethic, discipline, and mental and emotional health. She has benefited from world-class talent and mentorship while training with Master Kim and Master Bae, and I feel so fortunate to have these influences in my child’s life.”

Rachel S.

“Master Kim and Master Bae are excellent TKD instructors! Their dedication to their students is second to none. They have a positive way of motivating students and a keen sense of each individual student’s strengths and limitations.”

Phil M.

“My son has been involved in TKD for over 5 years. He has gained tremendous physical skills such as strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Even more importantly are the life skills and attributes that TKD has instilled in him. Master Kim has taught him the importance of confidence, focus, respect and perseverance.”

Jacquie B.

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Get a $29 New Member Special including 4 Weeks of Classes and a Taekwondo uniform!